Civil Maintenance

Domestic /Club House and Community Hall Maintenance Services

The idea of domestic service emerged as a result of our continued and selfless service to the facility management industry to corporate clients.

We all shall agree that in today’s fast-moving world, almost every member of a family tends to be a working person and everyone needing to contribute their bit too in order to keep up their family and stand comfortably by doing so. As a result, we all have become so engaged and occupied that we barely have any time to spare for the basic needs of our own house, surroundings, etc.,

From the PART is, emerged the idea of providing domestic support which takes care of almost all of your teething problems back home leaving you relaxed, received, and free to concentrate on other better things in your life.

We provide the following service that supports you in all ways and the choice is yours to pick as per your requirement.

Internal cleaning of your flats
Pest Control Services
Carpet Shampooing services